Business energy demand has dropped 38 per cent on average since the start of coronavirus lockdowns, according to Eon.

Leisure, hospitality and real estate sectors have taken bigger hits.

Even essential sectors, such as water, agriculture and IT, are using around 20 per cent less, according to the supplier’s consumption figures.

Electricity is the largest part of Eon’s B2B business and director of business energy sales, Iain Walker, stated in a blog that the firm

“expects electricity demand to remain this way for some time to come”.

As much of the population is largely confined to their homes, National Grid ESO’s figures over the last week show weekday electricity demand is down around 20 per cent. That compares to around 14 per cent declines in the first four weeks of lockdown.

To mitigate low demand, the system operator has now launched a new service that will pay businesses to use more power, or stop exporting onsite generation to the grid.