For any business, energy procurement should be tailored to the individual strategy of that company. According to PWC: “Intent to purchase is driven by a desire to meet sustainability goals and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, generate an attractive ROI, and limit exposure to energy price variability”. In other words, we need to save money on energy bills, and at the same time maintain a responsible environmental energy policy.


At ATE you can be assured that our business will provide you with the most up to date leading edge technology to engage the diverse wholesale market place, which in turn will ensure you have the best possible tools to accomplish the task ahead. However just as important, we look to engage with your key stakeholders to clearly define the strategy for the short and long term goals of your business.

Short term drivers typically cover the current state of the energy markets (Bearish / Bullish), the prevailing fundamentals such as weather, geopolitical political risks, seasonality and your current immediate business requirements. Longer-term drivers can be driven predominantly by your budgetary processes, hedging capabilities or business dictated strategies, which in turn will highlight other indicators that may drive the decisions, such as, raw material costs.

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements we will evaluate our findings and recommend an appropriate product or service suitable to your goals together with predetermined pricing ‘tripwires’ to set high and low notifications for action. These then can be implemented within our Openview technology platform alongside our market intelligence and future forecasting model, providing you with the ultimate control and the ability to optimise your site portfolio going forward.


Our proprietary online platform


  • Changes the way companies manage and procure energy
  • Drives down costs and saves time through a unique tendering process
  • Establishes a level-playing field between customers and suppliers
  • Opens up market and portfolio insight to build long-term strategies


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Through a combination of detailed desktop assessment of bills, complex benchmark analysis, research and consultant led site audits, significant savings and refunds can be achieved on your water and wastewater charges in a billing area often overlooked.

Invoice validation is an essential component of a commercial energy management programme, enabling you to save money on your energy bills. Be confident that you only pay for what you have contracted to pay.

At ATE we work with our Suppliers to provide sustainable Green gas and power through responsibly sourced means. Biomass electricity and green gas costs no more than conventional power yet produces less carbon than coal-generated power. This means you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint the moment you switch.

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“Through using their fantastic not-for-profit procurement framework, we have been able to redirect an amazing £5,000 to a cause which brings huge benefit to the local community”

Darren Marshal

"The results have been nothing short of spectacular, with just 1 of our 13 sites yielding a £32,000 refund, and still more to come.”

Sam Mitchel

"Dealing with ATE on a day-to-day basis has proved to be very easy. We make a telephone call, look at the options available, and then let them get on with the job while we concentrate on our business.

Robert D. Frost
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"The only work we had to do was bank the refund cheques! I would not hesitate to recommend ATE to other clubs to allow them to carry out an Audit."